How Carly Fleischmann Came to Be a Prominent Voice for the Autism Community

Carly Fleischmann has been a non-verbal individual diagnosed with autism for as long as she can remember.

But after finding her voice through the assistance of a keyboard, Carly has been able to communicate with others. Connecting with Donna, a long time friend of her aunt, introduced Carly into another world where she could help others with autism (and help people understand autism!).

Watch as a girl, who many believed would not find her place in social media, found a sense of belonging in a society that made Carly feel as if it were made for her to flourish.

With over 30,000 Facebook friends and 23,000 Twitter followers, Carly has found a platform that has defined her place in helping those with autism.

Want to hear more from Carly?

Check out Carly’s Cafe, a video that simulates the difficulties of daily life for people with nonverbal autism in particular. Then be sure to check out her truly amazing and hilarious interview with Channing Tatum!

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