David & Lindsey Are Both On The Spectrum, And Their Love Story Will Touch Your Heart

Watch David Hamrick and Lindsey Nebeker, a couple with autism, share their heartwarming love story! Despite their struggles, frustrations, and compromises, they’ve both found true love.

Both Dave and Lindsey struggle to make and keep friends and are uncomfortable with small talk. They each read self-help books to try to figure out the dating world, but it seemed hopeless. By the time they met, Lindsey had already decided she would spend the rest of her life focusing on friendships and work rather than seeking a romantic relationship.

But Dave saw something special in Lindsey and pursued her, even though it was a difficult endeavor at times. They’re making their relationship work in a way only they know how. They each have separate bedrooms for their own personal space, and they do their best to avoid the things they each hate (Dave can’t stand certain noises, and Lindsey hates fluorescent lights). It has its difficulties like any relationship, but it also has its perks.

Lindsey compares autism to a rose – sharp thorns, tough stem, but when the flower is in full bloom, there is exceptional beauty to be found!

Check out the video below to learn more about Dave and Lindsey’s beautiful relationship.

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