This Child Was Diagnosed with Non-Verbal Autism — Until Bus Driver Reports He Sings on the Bus

David Militello was two years and seven months old and still not speaking when his parents brought him to the doctor and had him tested for autism. The doctors confirmed that he was indeed on the spectrum and claimed that he would be non-verbal for the rest of his life.

David’s parents, of course, had difficulty accepting and processing the news and were concerned about their son’s future. Little did they know he would begin overcoming obstacles all on his own and eventually learn to speak!

The continued to believe that David would always be non-verbal until they heard from David’s bus driver, who said David regularly sang all the way to school and back again. He didn’t know how to talk yet, but he he could sing beautifully at the tender young age of three years old!

Now, with therapy, David has learned to speak and has gained a lot of social skills. In the video below, hear more about David’s story and watch him perform a classic on America’s Got Talent!

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