What an Inspiration! Daryl Hannah Opens Up About Her Autism

Daryl Hannah is an American actress who has appeared in multiple films such as Blade Runner and Kill Bill: Vol. 2. She also falls on the autism spectrum.

Even as a little girl, Daryl Hannah showed signs of autism: she would easily become fixated on certain objects, and she would frequently rock herself back and forth. She was also “out there somewhere” in her own little dream world.

That, paired with an inability to connect with others socially, led her mother to bring her to the doctor to see what was going on. He recommended medication, and even institutionalizing her.

Instead, her mother decided to pull her out of school for a year and handle things her own way—something Hannah is incredibly grateful for.

Hear from Daryl Hannah firsthand on what life was like as a young girl, and how she’s handling her life with autism now.

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