Danny’s Farm Helps Kids with Autism — And Employs Adults on the Spectrum Too!

Children with autism eventually become adults, and their autism doesn’t just go away, leaving many families wondering what direction they’ll take with their lives and careers. Many parents wonder how their children will manage to become functional members of society when they can’t adequately communicate with their peers and struggle to fit in with mainstream society.

Cathy and Jim Gott, a former Dodger’s pitcher, were stumped as to what would happen to their son Danny, a young man on the spectrum, once he was in need of employment opportunities. Nothing seemed to be quite the right fit for his personality and special needs.

They knew his passions would be important in choosing a job for him though, and they set out to create the perfect employment opportunity for him, since it didn’t already exist. In the process, they created amazing jobs for several others as well!

In the video below, hear about how the Gotts family founded Danny’s Farm, which offers services for both kids and adults on the spectrum. It has become a nurturing, loving place for these individuals and has even offered employment to some of them. Listen to the first-hand accounts from the Gotts and many other families affected by autism who take their children and adult family members to Danny’s Farm to take advantage of their services.

Way to go, Gotts family! The world needs more people like you.

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