An Awesome Friend: Tommy Stands Up for His Bullied Companion in Such a Creative Way

When Danny was born with a brain hemorrhage, the doctors told his mother that he wasn’t going to meet his milestones, and not to expect a lot from him; they said he would never be able to walk.

Well, Danny defied those odds! He’s in kindergarten, can walk and run, and has regular speech therapy. He’s also the water coach for a community football team, where his good friend Tommy is the quarterback.

Every day, Danny wears a suit, tie, and fedora to school, and looks adorably debonaire — but some of the other kids started teasing him about his outfit and the way he talks.

His friend Tommy attends a different school, but once he caught wind of what the other kids were doing to Danny, he decided to do something about it.

Watch their interview on Ellen to learn more about these two extraordinary boys, and see what exciting surprises Ellen has in store for them!

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