This Barista on the Spectrum Overcame His Motor Difficulties in the Most Creative Way

It’s not uncommon for those with autism to have a motor difficulty of some sort. Sam’s movements, for example, may not always be smooth, and he may not be able to stay still for long stretches of time. One might think that’d make his job as a Starbucks barista tricky.

But his incredible manager, Chris came up with a brilliant idea: Sam could integrate dance into his movements. It took time and effort, but eventually both the manager and his employee made it work.

This video—which went viral in early 2016—captures an example of what Sam does when working.

Thanks to the duo’s hard work and Chris’s faith in his employee, Sam—AKA the dancing barista—is in a job he loves. As he explained to his parents, it now seems his life has a “real meaning,” something he’d never felt before.

Way to go, Sam—keep on dancing!

Want to learn more about the employee-manager duo? Check out the interview they had with Ellen!

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