Dakota Just Needed Someone To Believe In Her — And Look How Bright She’s Shining Now!

Once upon a time, Dakota Kiriachuk was too anxious to even leave her basement. Now she’s so confident that she takes the train into work every day, excels at her new job, and even goes out with her coworkers for “wing night” every week — thanks in part to two companies who were willing to believe in her.

Meticulon is an IT consulting firm that recruits people on the spectrum, spends a few weeks assessing their abilities, and then find them jobs. While most people with autism are intelligent and perfectly capable of doing (and loving) their jobs, they don’t have the social skills to pitch their abilities to future employers. So Meticulon steps in to make a compelling case for why companies should hire them.

While finding talented recruits on the spectrum is proving all too easy for the company, finding employers willing to take on people with ASD has been a bit more difficult.

However, Critical Control, the company that hired Dakota, was willing to see what she could do — and they have been blown away! Dakota’s boss is interested in hiring more people from Meticulon in the future and says, “It’s not charity. It’s an outstanding employee at the end of the day.”

Watch the video to see Dakota in action and learn about her incredible “autism advantage!”

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