Adorable Daddy-Daughter Duet Keeps Getting Interrupted When Excited 4-Year-Old Thinks She Hears Fireworks

I don’t know what it is, but there’s something so touching, special, and sweet about seeing a daddy with his daughter. Whether it’s a father-daughter dance at a wedding or a dad playing with his little girl in the park, it’s just something that makes you smile! There’s not much in this world more beautiful and powerful than the connection between a loving father and his daughter!

If you’re a sucker for the daddy-daughter connection, you’re going to love this video. We can promise you one thing: this daddy and daughter duo will positively melt your heart!

Photo: YouTube/Ben Ames

After a show of fireworks, this dad’s four-year-old daughter kept thinking she heard more of them outside and wanting to go back outside to check (because it’s a tragedy to miss any of them, right?). So he tried to keep her preoccupied by singing this song with her: “Tonight You Belong to Me.”

Photo: YouTube/Ben Ames

This would be a cute enough video if it were just this cute little girl and her sweet daddy playing the song on a pink ukulele. But it gets even better.

The duo can barely get through a line without the little girl shushing her dad so she can listen for fireworks. It’s pretty clear that she wishes to develop a system where every time she says, “Sh,” the music immediately stops so that everyone can hear the fireworks. This little girl is not about to give up on the possibility that there might be some more amazing fireworks tonight, no matter how many times she’s told they’re all done. And it’s way cuter than we could have imagined.

Photo: YouTube/Ben Ames

“The fireworks show had just ended, but she thought she kept hearing them outside,” her dad, Ben Ames, writes in his YouTube description of the video. “So we sang to keep her mind preoccupied. In the end, nothing competes with fireworks.”

Photo: YouTube/Ben Ames

So it wasn’t exactly the perfectly choreographed music video that it could have been, but we think there’s something really special about the dramatic interruptions in the music, the dramatic excitement on this little girl’s face, and the candid reactions of her dad.

Take a look at this adorable video. So sweet!

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