Dad Built A ‘Blockbuster Video’ Inside His Home For His Autistic Son

You may not realize this, but there are only two Blockbuster video stores left in the world. It seems as if they are going the way of the dinosaur, especially now that we have Netflix and other streaming services. In Mission, Texas, however, one of the two remaining Blockbuster video stores is closing its doors, and for Hector Zuniga, it is a problem on many levels.

Hector is 20 years old and he has autism. Renting videos is part of his daily routine and has been so since he was 13 years old. He deals with being nonverbal and other issues, so it could be a serious problem if this disappears from his daily task. That is when Hector’s dad decided to do something for his son by building a miniature Blockbuster in their home.

“My autistic brother was sad that Blockbuster was closing down,” Hector’s brother Javier posted on Twitter. “So my parents made a mini one at home for him!”

This is one of those Twitter posts that was destined to go viral from the moment it was posted. The replica he built is amazingly legitimate, including the yellow and blue branding and the DVDs, all alphabetized and ready to go. In order to make it enjoyable for Hector, his father chooses some of the favorites, including Elmo, Barney, and VeggieTales.

Javier gave an interview with CNN, saying it took about 45 minutes to make the display. There is no word yet if he will be charging late fees, but one thing is certain, he really cares about his son.

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