Autistic Child’s Bike Stolen, Vandalized

A 10-year-old autistic boy’s bike was stolen and vandalized, and his mother is looking for answers.

Quaid McKinley of Auckland, New Zealand, is a young boy with autism who loves to bike. He can’t use a standard, two-wheeled bike, and so another family lent him a custom-made bike worth $1800. It was much easier for him to ride.

He was ecstatic about the gift.

“Wow, I can ride with the big kids,” he’d told his mother, Cari McKinley.

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After using the bike for a year, the McKinleys were planning on loaning the bike to another family who needed it, paying forward the generosity that was shown to them. They pulled it from the garage where it was stored and left it in front of their cars temporarily.

That’s when the bike was stolen.

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They searched everywhere for it. After getting a tip that it was seen nearby at Whangaparaoa College, the McKinleys searched around there until after midnight, with no luck.

It was eventually found sunk in a pond, in very poor condition. The seat and brakes were missing, the chain was wrecked, and it was caked in mud and filth.

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“I want it to stop. Wanton destruction without any thought from who they are taking it from,” Cari said. “The simple thing is if it’s not yours don’t touch it.”

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Police are looking into the theft, and Cari is hopeful that the Whangaparaoa’s CCTV will have caught the thieves on camera.

Saint Cycles Orewa, a local bike shop, has offered to fix the bike for the McKinleys.

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