Mom’s Unique Reward System Helps Son with Autism Combat Hypergraphia So He Can Eat Properly

Numbers and words, numbers and words: they’re always on nine-year-old James’s mind. James — who loves numbers and words of all kinds — has hypergraphia compulsion, and he is also considered to be on the autism spectrum. He feels the need to be writing all the time, which means he must use one hand to write and his non-dominant hand to eat. And that makes for a big mess for mom to clean up, as well as some uncouth table manners.

Photo: YouTube/reallookautism

James’s love for numbers and words has gotten in the way of his eating habits since he was very young. His mother, Nancy, has found that his infatuation with writing with his right hand during meals has left him eating only with his left hand — leading to messy eating. From a social perspective, Nancy feels it’s time to get a handle on James’s eating habits, before it’s too late to change them.

Photo: YouTube/reallookautism

Luckily, James’s mom knows how to motivate him to start eating with proper manners. She made a new rule that James isn’t allowed to have any writing materials near him while he’s having dinner, and the amount of time James is allowed to spend on his iPad in the evening directly correlates to whether or not he did a good job eating that day.

Watch as they come up with a system to teach James the importance of eating with a spoon or fork, through a visual puzzle that rewards James for proper eating etiquette.

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