He Grew Up In A Foster Home With Disabled Children, And Now Owns A Company That’s Accessible To ALL Children!

Dwayne Szots, founder and president of Zot Art, grew up in a foster home with disabled adults and children. From an early age, he recognized and respected the difficulties that disabled people face. Using his unique combination of mechanical and artistic abilities, Dwayne undertook the challenge of making art-creation easily accessible to children with disabilities. As an artist he has made sure that individuals of all abilities have the opportunity to explore art – all of his tools are fully inclusive.

Art helps children learn, improves motor skills, self-esteem, and offers opportunities for socialization and problem solving—and it’s fun! Dwayne Szots is improving the quality of life for children with disabilities by helping them do the artistic things that every child needs to experience.

Ready to make some art of your own? Click here to learn how to make creative animal masks – this project combines artistry, therapy skills, and fun!

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