Video List: 8 Fantastic Songs About Autism to Add to Your Playlist

5. “My Heroes (Thoughts of an Autistic Child)” by Valene Greer and Jennifer and Peter Stevenson

Written by the parents of a boy with autism (and incorporating his own words through a recited monologue), this song describes their son’s journey to follow his dreams. It also celebrates the teachers and friends who helped him along his way.

4. “Until All the Pieces Fit” by Kaity Mar

This song is a deeply emotional call for those with autism to realize just how brightly they shine. Singer Kaity Mar wants to reach out to those with autism, as well as to their family, their friends, and their caregivers.

3. “Yes I Can” by Amber

With actors from Project Autism participating in the music video, this inspirational song reminds us to strive to accomplish what may appear to be impossible.

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