Video List: 8 Fantastic Songs About Autism to Add to Your Playlist

Caring for a loved one with autism is as challenging as it is rewarding. Sometimes, you need a boost to keep you upbeat, and music is a great way to reflect, relax, and regroup. Here are a few songs about autism that are must-haves for your playlist!

8. “We’ll Get By” by Johnny Orr Band

This song offers insights from the perspective of a child with autism in classic country style. It was written for Autism Awareness Month for a friend of the singer.

7. “Love Is Where to Start” by Meg Ford

Meg Ford wrote this uplifting song for her son, Jace, who has autism. It’s a beautiful theme song for autism awareness.

6. “Let It Go: The Autism Version” by Sarah

Sarah says right out that she isn’t a professional singer, but she has a lovely voice. We admire her creativity in using the theme from Disney’s Frozen to communicate her feelings about her experience with autism, and to demand the acceptance she and others like her deserve.

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