9 Comforting Things To Keep In Mind When You’re Having a Rough Day

Suffering, experiencing hard times, and making mistakes are all part of being human. Sometimes, everything can seem to be going your way, while other times, the universe seems to be working against you. Although the tough times you experience can consume all else and leave you feeling empty and helpless, you’re not alone. Take comfort knowing that everybody goes through rough patches, and that these difficult experiences don’t always last. In those instances when things get especially bad, embrace these tidbits of wisdom to help you find your strength.

9. Don’t compare yourself or your situation to those of others.

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Everybody suffers and goes through their own version of hell. What you see on social media may be someone else’s best version of themselves. Don’t compare your worst moments to somebody’s best — it won’t help you feel better, and it’s not useful.

8. You are not the only one who has ever felt this way.

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You’re not alone. There are seven billion people living on Earth, and everyone is going through their own trials and tribulations. You can be sure that someone has experienced something similar to what you’re going through. If they survived it, so can you. Reach out to those around you. You may find yourselves helping each other.

7. What happened in the past has passed — leave it there, where it belongs.

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Don’t dredge up yesterday’s dirt — it cannot be changed and can only get you dirty. Be willing to let the past lie for your own good. There’s nothing to do now but move forward.

6. You are loved.

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Every person out there is important to someone else, usually many more people than they realize. Hold on to this love, and allow it to carry you through the tough times. Love can cushion any blow and make any difficulty a little easier to bear. At the very least, love yourself.

5. Don’t worry so much about what others think. Do what you need to do or believe is best.

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Do what you need to do in order to get through your hard times with grace and joy. Don’t always worry about what other people — friends, family, or acquaintances — think about your methods. If you need to make a change for the better, do it. They’ll be happy that you’re happy.

4. This is going to make you stronger.

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Every awful situation, every obstacle, and every tear will make you better and give you strength. Look at your situation in terms of how it can aid you, not how it’s hurting you. Every bad thing can have a silver lining.

3. You have so much for which to be thankful.

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It’s OK to get upset, be afraid, and shed tears, but keep your blessings in the back of your mind. Counting your blessings — literally writing down a list of all the things for which to be thankful, from small things like the sound of birds in the morning to big things like the roof over your head — can give you a positive boost that gets you through hard times.

2. You are only human. You’re not perfect and never will be, and that’s OK.

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Recognize that as a member of the flawed human race, you can and will make mistakes that cause you pain, and even suffering. It’s an inevitable part of a mortal experience. Embrace these flaws, for they can be polished and refined into strengths.

1. It’s OK to ask for help.

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Because you’re only human, it’s OK to reach out for help. If this means getting a counselor, therapy, or even medical intervention, do it. There’s no shame in it. The only shame is trying to do everything on your own when there are those out there willing and waiting to help you along. Allow those friends and family to lend a hand, whether it’s in regards to your house, to help with your kids, or to help with work. Everybody wins.

Because tough times make you focus wholly on yourself, take a breath and look beyond your own problems. Love somebody who may be going through something difficult as well, offer help, and serve others. You’ll find that putting yourself out there for other people going through their own tough times can make your problems easier to bear.

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