9 Things To Keep In Mind When The Going Gets Tough

Suffering, experiencing hard times, and making mistakes are all part of being human. Sometimes, everything can seem to be going your way, while other times, the universe seems to be working against you. Although the tough times you experience can consume all else and leave you feeling empty and helpless, you’re not alone. Take comfort knowing that everybody goes through rough patches, and that these difficult experiences don’t always last. In those instances when things get especially bad, embrace these tidbits of wisdom to help you find your strength.

9. Don’t compare yourself or your situation to those of others.


Photo: Pixabay

Everybody suffers and goes through their own version of hell. What you see on social media may be someone else’s best version of themselves. Don’t compare your worst moments to somebody’s best — it won’t help you feel better, and it’s not useful.

8. You are not the only one who has ever felt this way.

You’re not alone. There are seven billion people living on Earth, and everyone is going through their own trials and tribulations. You can be sure that someone has experienced something similar to what you’re going through. If they survived it, so can you. Reach out to those around you. You may find yourselves helping each other.

7. What happened in the past has passed — leave it there, where it belongs.

Don’t dredge up yesterday’s dirt — it cannot be changed and can only get you dirty. Be willing to let the past lie for your own good. There’s nothing to do now but move forward.

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