Girls’ “Blank Space” Parody to Raise Money for Brother with Autism Catches Taylor Swift’s Eye

Well, friends, it turns out Taylor Swift actually watches parody videos after all!

When cousins Jordan Fox and Makaylee Duhon made a video parodying the Taylor Swift song “Blank Space,” the duo were simply trying to raise awareness about Jordan’s brother, Jacob and his need for a therapy dog.

Jacob has autism, and loud noises and crowded spaces make him feel stressed and upset. His family, of course, loves him dearly and wants him to have an easier time navigating through life and coping with his emotions.

Photo: YouTube/OurHillFamily5

The family started a GoFundMe campaign to raise money for the helpful pooch, which would not only help him relieve stress but would also help Jacob cope better with his surroundings and protect him from wandering. Autism therapy dogs can be very expensive, and it might take years for Jacob to get the dog he needs without help from donations.

Much to their surprise, however, they wouldn’t end up needing donors to help buy Jacob’s dog. Both Taylor Swift and her mother, Andrea, saw the video and donated $10,000 to the campaign. Together, they purchased a dog for Jacob.

Photo: YouTube/OurHillFamily5

So say what you want about Taylor Swift and her music. You can’t deny that she’s got a good heart. This is one little boy whose life will never be the same again because of what she did for him!

Photo: YouTube/OurHillFamily5

Check out the video below to see the heartfelt and adorable “Blank Space” parody video that these two caring cousins made for a loved one in need.

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