Baby’s First Plane Ride Was Much Improved by This Lovely Lady’s Act of Kindness

Acts of kindness can touch our hearts, especially when we receive blessings from strangers.

One new mother, Rebekka Garvison, found that a stranger’s compassionate actions transformed a potentially negative experience for her and her baby. She wrote about the event in a Facebook post that quickly went viral.


When Garvison boarded a 5:30 a.m. flight in Chicago, she was already feeling stressed and nervous, especially when she noticed that the flight was full, reported ABC News. Traveling alone with her infant child, Rylee, was taxing, but the anticipation of surprising her military husband in Atlanta was also weighing on her mind.

As people on the plane glanced uncomfortably at the infant who began to fuss as soon as the plane began to taxi, Garvison said she became even more distressed.

However, a seat change ended up changing the course of the flight for the young mother; she moved away from her irritated, in-flight neighbors and chose a seat next to Nyfesha Miller. When Miller offered to hold the crying infant, Garvison agreed and was astonished to see her daughter calm down, gaze out the window and eventually fall asleep in Miller’s arms.


This stranger’s act of kindness did not end when the flight landed. Miller kept cradling the small child in her arms while Garvison gathered the stroller and car seat and exited the gate, reported WGN TV.

Miller’s act of kindness not only forged a bond with a first time mom, it also soothed an infant who was just as stressed as her mom during the flight.

People often offer compassion and kindness when it is least expected. Miller’s gentle nurturing of a stranger’s baby helped prompt one mother to count her blessings both in the air and on the ground.

How has someone shown you kindness when you least expected it? Share your story with us.

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