Patient Father Shares Touching Message About His Son with Autism

Raising a child with severe autism requires unconditional love and dedication.

Bill Davies tells the story of his son Chris, who was born with various complications including intellectual disability, neurological damage, and autism. Chris needed constant care, and his dad was advised to put him in an institution.

Trying to find education regimes and therapies that would improve their son’s condition, Bill and his wife set up a school in their home and started teaching Chris. As they continued, Chris’s responses and quality of life improved.

Bill notes that he never saw his son as someone in need of a cure, because autism is not an illness.

However, thanks to finding ways to manage the disorder, Chris is now less violent and is enrolled in high school.

We all have little successes in our lives with children on the autism spectrum. Tell your child’s story and inspire other parents today.

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