8 Strengths of People on the Spectrum

It seems that too often, people see only the challenges, and not the gifts, that those with autism have. Yet these individuals tend to possess incredible abilities of which those not on the spectrum can only dream. They are often funny and smart, loyal and warm. Here are some examples of the strengths that people with autism bring to the table.

8. Honesty

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If you want to know the unvarnished truth, ask someone on the spectrum. They tend to be honest, leaving out the guessing game that often comes with human interaction.

7. Strong Memory

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People with autism typically have a strong memory, which means you should think twice before challenging them to a game of trivia. They not only have a tendency to remember more than many of their peers, but they also tend to remember things more accurately.

6. Intelligence

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It may sound cliché, but people with autism tend to be smart, and they may not be afraid to teach those around them a thing or two.

5. Incredible Focus and Attention to Detail

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If you want something done well, a person with autism is usually a worthy candidate to take care of it. They often demonstrate exceptional focus and can be especially thorough with their work.

4. Loyalty

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Those on the spectrum often build strong bonds with others. This loyalty makes them dependable and dedicated in both social and professional situations.

3. A Different View of the World

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People with autism are unique with rare abilities. Therefore, they tend to see the world differently and in new ways. This out-of-the-box thinking can be a benefit in all aspects of life — and it can help those who are not on the spectrum appreciate things they’d otherwise overlook.

2. Humor

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Because they see things differently, people with autism tend to have an acute sense of humor. They can notice funny details that most people usually miss.

1. No Hidden Intentions

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The forthright and basic honesty of those with autism means that they usually don’t play mind games. They tell you how they feel, which is a valuable aspect to any relationship.

This is only a modest list of the remarkable capabilities that a person with autism has. People on the spectrum also tend to be gentle and sweet, wickedly talented in specified areas, and can be comfortable alone. With such an abundance of positive qualities, it’s hard to believe so many strengths can be overlooked.

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