Down Syndrome Has Caused Mobility Issues for This Baby–But Now She’s Free to Move at Her Own Pace

Gracie was born with Down Syndrome. She will eventually do all the things other kids do, but doctors say it will take her twice as long to reach all the normal milestones of childhood (and adulthood). Luckily, her parents are not giving up on her anytime soon, and they’re not about to limit her options—or her movement!

This video of a specialized harness, based on harnesses designed for taller toddlers or those with special needs, is giving new hope to parents of kids with Down syndrome.

Babies born with Down syndrome have limited movement capability, which keeps them from exploring and discovering things on their own, impairing their development. Looking to change that, a harness designed as a research project of Dr. Cole Galloway secures the baby to a pulley and canopy system. The system allows the baby to move freely and safely, thus enabling them to develop at the same pace as other babies.

Gracie is no longer limited to whatever toys and tools for mental development are set in front of her. Now she can move around like her peers and learn and grow at a faster rate than what is expected for kids with Down Syndrome. You go, Gracie! Don’t let this or anything else limit your potential!

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