This Clothing Designer Isn’t Just Making Fashion More Accessible to People with Different Abilities…

Fashion trends should be for everyone. It’s this belief that compelled a mom to create a clothing line for differently-abled children so they can wear cool clothes, too.

This video takes you behind the scenes of this touching story. This mom has a differently-abled son, so she knows how difficult it can be for him to wear clothes with zippers and buttons.

Her line, called “Runway of Dreams,” is a range of clothes that are adjustable for all abilities and body types. They’re even collaborating with Tommy Hilfiger to give all people access to fashion.

This line isn’t just making people look nice. It is helping to normalize different abilities and helping those who have them to feel more like everyone else. It is establishing confidence and taking us one step closer to a more equal society.

It seems that other fashion designers are getting the message, too. Sensewear is a new line with clothes that soothe uncomfortable sensory processing experiences.

In addition, two professors from Texas Tech are developing similar clothes that serve as therapy tools for those on the spectrum.

So hopefully we’ll be seeing more stuff like this in the future!

Check out the video below to learn more!

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