How Do People REALLY Feel About Being on the Spectrum? Redditors Weigh In

Being on the spectrum isn’t easy — it can be a mix of difficulties, benefits, and conflicting emotions. Those who have autism can struggle with feelings of being alone or unable to connect with those around them. Others may feel that having autism adds to their unique personality. Reddit user MrTopHatMan90 posed to an online autism forum, “How do you all feel about being autistic?” Below are some of the responses he received.

[Editor’s note: Some responses have been edited for language and/or grammar.]

8. I hate that my parents are always worried.

Photo: Pixabay
“I hate it. Yeah, I make the most of what I’ve got, I have a decent job, I live on my own, I have hobbies, etc. But I hate that I will never drive a car. I hate that my mother will never have peace of mind where my future is concerned, especially so after her passing. I hate that I have to make allocations and considerations for things NTs never think about,” by Gato1486.

7. Having autism is a mixed bag.

Photo: Flickr/Sutha Kamal
“For me it’s a mixed bag. I was diagnosed at 41 years old so it was a relief for me to finally discover the reason why I am the way I am, for better and for worse. It can be frustrating at times, especially when the sound sensitivities, meltdowns, and anxiety come into play. Sometimes I just wish that I could be NT and be ‘normal.’ However, if I was NT I would not be who I am now and I would not have the relationships that I have, especially my marriage. I want to get to the point where I can be proud of being autistic but I’m not quite there yet. I’m still taking it all one day at a time,” from vkngs74.

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