Teen with Autism Never Used to Show Affection. Until He Met Roxy…

Though people with autism feel love like other people do, they often express it differently. For that reason, people with autism often have difficulty connecting with family members or making friends. Some parents feel detached or pushed away because their children are uncomfortable with physical contact.

However, people with autism also tend to have an affinity for animals. Studies have found that interacting with animals helps improve social skills and eases anxiety in people on the spectrum.

And that’s where this sweet story begins.

Thanks to a rescued pit bull named Roxy, one boy with mild autism learned to express affection to his mom. After meeting at an adoption center, Roxy and the boy formed an immediate bond that taught the boy to embrace the touch and love of others.

The video not only shows what a touching relationship the two have developed, but also what it meant to the boy’s mother.

So moving! Check it out!

Pitbulls get a really bad rep. Children with autism get a really bad rep. And you put these two things together, and you see how amazing they can be together.

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