When This Boy with Autism Was Bullied at School, a Special Someone Reached Out

Being bullied is never a fun situation. But for one young boy with autism, his story of being bullied turned around and had a silver lining when a special celebrity reached out to him.

Five-year-old Tevin, who has autism, was allegedly pulled off a swing and kicked by unknown classmates during recess at the La Luz Elementary School in Albuquerque. The story made the news and was noticed by Jason David Frank, who played the Green Ranger in the ’90s show “Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers.” Jason reached out to Tevin with a video message lauding him for his toughness and inviting him to the January Albuquerque Comic Con.

At the convention, Tevin and his family got to meet Jason, and Tevin showed him some sweet karate moves. Jason’s kind gesture will go a long way towards helping Tevin recover from the bullying incident.

Check out this similar instance, in which Stan Lee, a comics icon, did something special for another boy with autism.

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