New Backpack Helps Students With Autism Get the Most From School

Children with autism are capable of amazing things, but sometimes their sensory processing makes it difficult for them to learn. This cool new backpack is designed to help kids on the autism spectrum get through their school day more easily.

Many kids on the autism spectrum have unique challenges when it comes to sensory processing. Some need fidget toys to help them stay focused, while others may feel comforted by a bear hug or a tight hold. It can be difficult to design one backpack to cater to many different kids, but the Nesel pack may do just that.


With its innovative design, this backpack can be customized to meet many different needs. It features large straps that can be tightened to act as a compression vest, as well as hidden pockets that can carry weights to help soothe the child. The straps on the front also have plenty of room to clip toys, tools, or other small items on so that they’re within easy reach. A security strap lets parents or teachers safely grab overstimulated kids who might try to run into danger, and an ID holder in the front lets students personalize the pack. In addition, the backpack still looks similar to standard packs, so kids don’t have to feel different or uncomfortable using it around their peers.

The Nesel pack, which is a play on the word “nestle,” was created by a team of students at the University of Minnesota. They also worked with Fraser, an autism services provider, to test the packs and start getting the word out about them. While the Nesel pack was designed largely with children on the autism spectrum in mind, it also has the potential to help kids with other conditions that may make learning difficult, such as ADHD or anxiety disorders.

Innovative products, such as the Nesel pack, are helping children with autism go about their lives more comfortably. Check out these weighted blankets designed also for kids on the spectrum.

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