Teen with Autism Writes a Book to Help Others Understand His Perspective

Lots of books try to give parents, family and friends of people with autism an idea of what their loved ones experience and suggest ways to help them achieve the best out of their lives. In this case, though, one young man used his real-life experiences to create a book that really gives readers an insider’s view of living with autism.


Tyler McNamer is a bright-eyed teenager who was diagnosed with autism at an early age. Like many young people, he felt different from his peers because of his disorder.

However, rather than denying or being ashamed of those differences, McNamer used his unique perspective to develop his leadership skills and intelligence to become a celebrated author and autism advocate.

His book, Population One: Autism, Adversity, and the Will to Succeed, is a collection of various writings that give a fragmented but revealing view of the world through the eyes of a person with mild autism. Through various genres, the pieces demonstrate the unique nature of how those with autism process, while simultaneously highlighting the author’s creativity.


McNamer wrote the book as a guide both for other people with autism and the rest of the world that finds them difficult to understand. His hope is that it will promote acceptance celebration of the unique take that those with autism often have on everyday problems and situations. In this way, he seeks to encourage diversity and tackle the bullying and discrimination he has experienced in his life.

It’s not always easy for people to understand one another, but by working together and learning more about autism, neurotypical and non-neurotypical people can become closer. You can do this, too, by sharing your own story with us.

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