This Girl with Cerebral Palsy Felt Left Out When She Couldn’t March with the Band. Until…

When you are in the marching band, there is no doubt that it’s a major bummer to have to sit by the sidelines and watch your bandmates march around the football field on Friday nights.

Surely that was how Eva Houston, a 14-year-old trumpet player in the Westside High School marching band in Omaha, Nebraska, felt.

But she had no choice; she has cerebral palsy and is in a wheelchair, which made her unable to play in formation with her bandmates.

That is, until her hero of a dad stepped up to the plate.

Leaving work 4 days a week to be at her practices, this dad of the year made sure she would no longer sit on the sidelines. He is on the field with her in every practice and game, making sure Eva is as involved as possible.

Though he did it for her sake, he says that he has been enjoying the experience, as well. Talk about a win-win situation!

Learn more about this fantastic story in the following video.

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