This Young Presidential Expert Meets (Former) President Obama, and We Can’t Handle the Cuteness

Before Macey Hensley even started the first grade, she already knew an astounding amount of presidential trivia—more than most people ever learn in their entire lives!

It’s pretty incredible, so it’s no wonder Ellen DeGeneres has invited her to her show for an interview. There, Macey showed off her knowledge and captivated audiences with her sense of humor…and cuteness!

Now Macey is back for something really special. Watch as she puts that knowledge to good use when Ellen initiates a meeting between her and (now former) President Obama!

This adorable child shares a hug with the (now former) president and asks whether the presidential pets receive their own Secret Service. She also asks about the existence of aliens (which, let’s just be honest: we’ve all wondered about that at some point or another!). It is sure to make your day!

Learn more about Macey’s presidential knowledge from her previous appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

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