10 Brilliant Kitchen Hacks to Make Cooking (and Eating) Much Easier!

6. Keep Ice Cream Soft


Prevent ice cream from getting too hard in the freezer. Place the carton inside a large plastic zipper-seal bag and zip it closed. The ice cream remains the perfect consistency for serving.

7. Remove Squash Seed


Removing seed from squash or melons is easier if you use an ice cream scoop. The scoop is sturdy enough that it does not bend and the edge cuts easily through both summer and winter squash.

8. Combine Ingredients in a Plastic Bag


When instructed to mix together veggies or meats with spices or oils, try combining the ingredients in a bag. This not only ensures that oils, spices, and other ingredients are distributed evenly, but also cuts down on major cleanup. One mom even makes bread using this method!

9. Loosen a Tight Lid


If a jar lid refuses to open, try running hot water over it. The heat cause the metal to expand and loosens the seal so the jar opens easily.

10. Keep Brown Sugar Soft


If your brown sugar gets hard after opening the bag, place a piece of bread with the sugar before resealing it. The bread provides the right amount of moisture to keep the sugar soft.

Hack Your Laundry


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