10 Brilliant Kitchen Hacks to Make Cooking (and Eating) Much Easier!

Prepping, serving, and eating food sometimes gets messy. In many cases, it is possible to prevent the disaster and reduce the cleanup by re-purposing an item the manufacturer designed for another use. Use these kitchen hacks to overhaul your kitchen chores.

1. Slicing Potatoes


If you have a lot of potatoes to slice, try using an apple corer-slicer. Simply press the tool lengthwise into the potato, and you’ve got nice, neat slices, which you can cook as is or cut into smaller pieces.

2. Gluten-Free Bread Crumbs


Bread crumbs are often a problem when cooking gluten-free meals. Replace them with crisp rice cereal that you run through the food processor.

3. Keep Cookbooks Open to the Right Page


If your cookbook keeps closing while you are referring to it when cooking, clamp it open with a pants hanger. Place a clip on either page, hang it on a cabinet knob, and voila! It stays open.

4. Cut Soft Foods


Cutting soft foods is often a problem with a knife. Use unflavored dental floss instead. It cuts through cream cheese without sticking and a long piece cuts perfectly straight slices of a sheet cake.

5. Catch Drips from Frozen Treats


Your kids may enjoy frozen treats on a stick, but outdoor temperatures sometimes melt them. Prevent drips and stains on clothes by pressing the stick through a cupcake liner before handing it over.

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