This Young Woman Decided to Invite Her Friend with ASD to the Prom. The Way She Asked? EPIC.

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When Sarah found out that her friend, Mike didn’t have a date to the prom, she decided to take action. For help to create the perfect prom proposal, Sarah reached out to Mike’s favorite football team: the New York Jets. Nine of the Jets said yes to helping, and then during the school’s daily announcements, a video was streamed of them asking Mike to go to prom with Sarah. Mike’s response was a “yes!”

In this heart-warming video, Sarah enthusiastically recounts the story of how she gave her friend with autism the surprise of a lifetime. Watch the video to see Sarah’s incredible and unforgettable prom invite, Mike’s speechless reaction, and Ellen’s interview with these inspiring high school seniors.

Here are some prom facts you might not have known!

  • The average prom for one student costs about $1078. Yikes!
  • The word “prom” is short for “promenade.”
  • Proms became high school events nationwide around the 1930s.
  • About 62 percent of prom goers will hold onto some sort of memorabilia from their special night.
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