8-Year-Old Piano Prodigy Is a Member of the National Musician’s Guild

Marvel at 8-year-old Jacob Velazquez’s ability to play piano in this video, which highlights the budding music career of this remarkable child with autism.

In the four years since a 4-year-old Jacob first sat at the piano, he has recorded an album and been established as a member of the National Musician’s Guild, reports the Good News Network. He also performs with an orchestra!

But before you check out this cool video, remember something important: there are not a whole lot of people with autism who are like Jacob and Derek. Since autism is a spectrum disorder, there are people with incredible talents as well as people who will never be able to live independently.

Remember that ALL people with autism are amazing and valuable, no matter who they are or what they can do.

After watching Jacob share his amazing skill, follow this link to learn about Derek, another musical prodigy with autism.

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