It Was a Performer’s Worst Nightmare for This Autistic Teen — Then the Audience Took Action…

Talk about a snowball effect! Students from a middle school in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts, helped 13-year-old Jagger Lavely recover from a slight slip-up during a talent show. This is proof that humanity still rocks sometimes!

Dressed as the lovable snowman Olaf, Lavely, a middle school student with autism, was performing the popular song “Let It Go” from Disney’s Frozen when he stumbled and forgot the lyrics.

While he could have simply frozen (ha! Get it?), audience members stepped in and started singing along, which helped Lavely recover his composure and finish his performance.

The most inspiring part of this story? The students didn’t even know Lavely, as he wasn’t a student of the school he performed at.

Watch this video to see the touching moment this happened!

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