Her Parents Filled a Backpack with Hints…Guess What the Surprise Is.

The parents of an adorable little girl named Lily surprised her with the news of an upcoming visit to Disneyland and captured her joyful reaction on video. But the way they did it is the fantastic part.

They filled a backpack full of all sorts of things for Lily, all of which will serve her well on a Disney trip. There are Disney pajamas, snacks, movies, and more, and that’s quite a birthday present in and of itself!

But after unpacking the backpack full of small gifts for her sixth birthday, Lily was told about the surprise Disney outing, where she’ll be able to use her backpack and all the fun stuff inside.

To say she was thrilled is an understatement. I mean, did you see her face?

Watch Lily’s emotional response, but have the tissues handy. You might break out into happy tears. Also, you’re definitely going to laugh when she asks, “How’d you know I wanted this?!”

So cute we can’t stand it. Which is why we had to share it with you.

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