10 Signs Your Daughter May Have Autism

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Historically, autism has been more prevalent among boys than girls, but it’s not uncommon for girls on the autism spectrum to go undiagnosed. Autism often presents itself differently in young girls — and because of the different social norms between boys and girls, symptoms may be easier to overlook. Girls with high intelligence levels may be able to mask the markers of autism with compensatory behaviors, which means that a diagnosis doesn’t come until much later. The following are signs that may indicate if your daughter has autism. If many of these signs seem familiar, you may want to consider seeking an evaluation.

10. Intense, Limited Interests

Girls with autism often have passionate interests, typically in topics that seem age-appropriate and socially acceptable, such as literature, music, or animals. However, her interest in the topic may be extremely limited or specific.

9. Issues With Sensory Processing

Struggles with sensory processing are common among both boys and girls with autism. Though girls may exhibit more dramatic swings in their reactions. One moment, your daughter might not seem to be responding to certain sensory stimulation. A short while later, she may be exceptionally sensitive to smells, loud noises, or bright lights.

8. Meltdowns

Many children experience meltdowns, but for girls with autism, these reactions can be particularly age-inappropriate. This often stems from girls struggling to deal with frustration and managing their emotions when they’re upset.


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