After Turning the Tables on His Bullies and Bravely Confronting Them, This Young Boy Received a Special Honor

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A young boy from Michigan posted a brave video of himself reading cruel comments made by bullies on his website. The heartbreaking video, which shows 11-year-old Logan Fairbanks confronting bullies who made fun of his weight, touched hearts around the world and quickly went viral. The video earned Logan an invitation to the White House, reports ABC News.

According to, there are several ways you can respond to cyberbullying:

  • Do not respond to the offensive message; instead, print them out or take screenshots of them for documentation and proof.
  • Block the person who has sent the offensive messages. This is possible on many social media sites.
  • Report the incident to the social media site.
  • Know when cyberbullying is considered illegal and contact law enforcement if it happens. It is illegal if you are physically threatened, sent pornographic images (of children and adults) or sexually explicit messages, have your privacy personally violated, or are stalked.

Take this pledge to put a stop to online trolling.

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