12 Ways You Can Make Your Autistic Child Feel Loved and Accepted

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Dealing with autism is not only challenging for those who have been diagnosed, but for their family members as well. Parenting can be especially tricky as the typical methods and tactics might not work. Reddit user MissMess1, a mother of a child newly diagnosed with autism, recently asked her online community for advice on how to ensure that her son knows that he is loved, valued, and never feels broken. Here are some of the responses she received.

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12. Tell Them You Love Them

“Actually verbally state you love them. And if your son is able to handle physical contact hugs can be nice.” — Reddit user M-Christina

11. Support Their Interests

“Find out what your child’s interests are and 1. encourage/support them in it and 2. be a teammate if you can or find them like-minded teammates if not. That’s not really any different from a NT [neurotypical] child – but note that our interests can run much deeper.

“Support that and you’ll not only prove to your son that he’s not broken, he may learn he can do exceptional things.” — Reddit user AutdotDad

10. Give Them Structure

“They [parents] didn’t ensure I had a goal and rigid structure. I constantly battled to keep focus at school (ADHD as well), and although I graduated with decent marks, it wasn’t what I could have achieved. My parents could have helped push me in the right direction, but they just let me do what I wanted which wasn’t for the best. I also struggled to make decisions that weren’t based entirely on facts — so I was not the best at securing goals for the future.” — Reddit user astro_za

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