When No One RSVP’d for His Birthday, His Parents Called the Cops!

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There are real-life superheroes among us every day.

And sometimes, those superheroes can even rescue a birthday party for a child who is really in need of a special surprise and a smile.

Daniel Nicastro of New Port, Florida, was upset when no one wanted to come to his eighth birthday party. Daniel has difficulty making friends because he has autism.

All was not lost, however: his parents called the police, who Daniel calls “superheroes,” and invited them to the party.

So what did the officers do? They showed up, of course!

Daniel got to take pictures with the police officers, and after those photos went viral, North Port decided to make July 3 an annual community birthday celebration for every child in the community who “has felt left out.”

Do you have a story of the police going above and beyond?

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