9 Ways to Help Your Child with Autism Get Enough Sleep

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When you have a child with autism, getting them to sleep can be difficult for a variety of reasons, be it overstimulation, side effects to medication, or other medical disorders. But the problem could be exacerbated by other factors at play. Maybe your child is over-caffeinated, or maybe their nighttime routine could better prepare them for sleep. If you’re looking for ways to lull your little one to dreamland, here are are a few tips that might help you establish better sleeping habits for your child.

9. Avoid Sugar and Caffeine

Both sugar and caffeine act as stimulants. Giving any child either or both before bed can keep them awake way past their bed time. When considering that children with autism tend to be extra sensitive to stimulation, it becomes obvious these foods can only cause problems when it’s time to send your kids to sleep.

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8. Shut Down Electronic Devices

Electronic devices are fun and they can certainly distract children. But they can also stimulate a child and make them too wired to go to sleep. Before sending your little one off to bed, make sure all their electronics are done for the evening. Turn off all devices well in advance of bedtime — at least an hour — and allow your child to calm down before tucking them in.

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7. Embrace Routine

Establish a nightly routine that works for your child. Whether it’s a bath and a story or a prayer and a lullaby, start your routine while your child is young, and be consistent with the schedule moving forward. That way, their body will become accustomed to shutting down at a certain time for bed.


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