Shutdown VS Meltdown: Why The Difference Is Important

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For many people who have been touched by autism on a personal level, meltdowns are a far too common and distressing experience. But we don’t hear much about autism shutdowns, which are similar to autism meltdowns but a little bit different.

The most basic explanation is this: meltdowns are more external “explosions” whereas shutdowns are more internal—it involves withdrawal and disassociation.

The extreme courage and desire to help others who are on the autism spectrum, as well as people who know and love people on the autism spectrum, is evident in Amythest Schaber’s weekly video blog series, “Ask an Autistic.”

In this video, Amythest discusses the differences between shutdowns and meltdowns, along with examples of the frightening, frustrating emotions that accompany a shutdown.

Check out this video to discover what to do when you or a loved one starts to experience a shutdown.

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