People With Autism Delve Deep Into the Myths Surrounding Their Disorder

Gain a better understanding of autism by uncovering the truth!

People living with autism face a variety of misconceptions and unfair judgments about who they are.

They often hear silly things, like “people with autism are all the same” and “people with autism don’t feel empathy” and “people with autism are all savants” and “people with autism can’t speak” and many, many, many more. Most of these myths about autism spawn from a simple lack of exposure and understanding.

But in this video, people living with autism seek to change that.

This diverse group of people on the spectrum clarify their condition by sharing some of the popular yet ridiculous myths they encounter far too often in their day-to-day lives. These individuals promote autism awareness by collectively shining a light on its reality and giving a face to the condition.

Check it out and spread the word—these common myths are just that: myths!

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