Barber Devotes His Sundays to Clients with Autism, Offers Hour-Long Appointments

A 26-year-old barber named James Williams goes by the nickname “Jim the Trim.”

That may sound like the name of a hair-cutting superhero, but in all fairness, James is a hero for kids with autism.

He cuts their hair in a way so they can be more comfortable. After a story about him went viral, James decided to take things a step further.

Photo: Facebook/James Williams

Mason, who has autism, had a bad experience with a haircut when he was 18 months old and hadn’t had a real haircut in years since then.

James got on the floor where Mason was comfortable and cut his hair there.

The story and pictures of James cutting Mason’s hair got significant social media attention, leading to more parents of children with autism contacting James. According to The Mighty, James decided to devote Sundays to children with autism. They can come in for haircuts, and appointments are one hour long, giving them plenty of time to get comfortable.

Photo: Twitter/jim the trim barber

James also contacted several other barbers in his area to form a group called Autism Barbers Assemble, or the ABA Team. The group has one goal: provide a comfortable haircut experience for children with autism so they aren’t scared of going to the barber. They do so by being patient with the children and understanding them.

The group has a cool cartoon logo featuring a superhero holding hair clippers. It plans to host events and expand to other areas.

The ABA Team is raising awareness about how to make children with autism comfortable getting haircuts. All in all, they’re doing great work. Thank you, James!

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