This Autistic Man Once Struggled To Hold A Pen — Now He Creates Art That Raises Autism Awareness

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You’d never know it by looking at his amazing drawings today, but when he was younger, D.J. Svoboda could barely grasp a pen. He also struggled with feelings of isolation brought on by his autism.

However, things started to turn around for him in middle school when he discovered art. Thanks goes to a teacher who thought art class might help improve D.J.’s fine motor skills.

Today, D.J. Svoboda raises awareness of issues related to autism and bullying with his greeting cards, calendars, and books. They feature colorful characters that he calls the “Imagifriends.”

“When I do the art, I can picture them helping the world to understand more about autism, to understand that everybody is special the way they are, because the inside of a person is what matters the most,” he said.

Would you be interested in purchasing D.J.’s artwork? Take a look at this video and just try not to be motivated to do so.

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