Get the Tissues Before Watching Apple’s Short Film About a Nonverbal Teen With Autism

Dillan Barmache is a young man who is on the autism spectrum. The simple act of using his vocal cords to form words is impossible for him. So he is nonverbal.

In a world where articulate speech is often associated with intelligence, Dillan was not assumed to be intelligent and spent much of his younger life struggling to connect with people.

But then his life changed when he learned to use an iPad as a communication tool.

The communication applications on the iPad allowed Dillan to view his thoughts as words and break down the barrier that did not let others see him for the intelligent, funny, unique person that he was.

Using an augmentative communication app on his iPad, Dillan even gave a graduation speech at his school in 2014.

Watch this video to learn more about Dillan, who like many nonverbal children, has taken a unique path to finding his voice.

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