Boy With Autism and Blindness Blows Away Fenway Park With His National Anthem Rendition

Get ready to feel chills as you watch an incredible young singer wow the crowd at Fenway Park!

This inspiring 14-year-old boy from Manchester, New Hampshire hasn’t let autism or blindness keep him from honing his talents.

Christopher Duffley knocked it out of the park when he sang “The Star-Spangled Banner” before a game between the Boston Red Sox and Cleveland Indians at Fenway Park, reports USA Today.

With his incredible voice, it’s really no wonder he got a standing ovation! Talent doesn’t discriminate, that’s for sure.

Watch Christopher’s amazing performance!

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Check out Martin Finn, a nonverbal man who, in spite of his inability to speak, can sing beautifully…even in Spanish! Watch him as he performs a stunning cover of the song “Beautiful” by James Blunt. He’s totally amazing!

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