8 Adorable Photos That Prove This Little Star Is More Than His Disability

Social media star Jack Clayton is making waves online with his million dollar smile. The toddler and his family, who live in Stockport, England, are out to show that Down syndrome is only one facet of his bubbly and fun-loving personality.

8. Cuteness Overload

Via Facebook
Via Facebook

Jack’s father, Lawrence set up the boy’s Facebook and Twitter accounts to show the world that his son’s life is about much more than just Down syndrome.

7. Social Media Star

Via Facebook

As of August 2015, Jack has more than 18,000 followers between Facebook and Twitter.

6. Family

Via Facebook

Jack was born in October 2013, and he loves playing with his two older sisters.

5. Breaking Stereotypes

Via Facebook

Lawrence wants people to know that Down syndrome doesn’t define his son. “That’s just one element of his life. We want to bring disability to the forefront of social media so that people can see this for themselves.”

4. On the Move


Jack loves to play and is constantly on the move.

3. Whoops!


He is as talented at making adorable messes as any other toddler.

2. A Positive Attitude


Jack has faced several health issues, from pneumonia to acid reflux, and exploratory chest surgery is planned for late 2015. Despite these setbacks, the toddler keeps a happy smile on his face.

1. Touching Hearts


The world just can’t seem to get enough of Jack Clayton! His father sums it up: “For some mysterious reason that smile of his bridges the gap between disabled and non-disabled people around the world.”

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