10 Activities for Kids With Special Needs the Whole Family Can Enjoy!

It’s always great to spend time together as a family, but keeping everyone amused can be a challenge, especially when one or more of your kids has special needs. A new TV comedy show illustrates how one family copes with these challenges, but whether you take a family vacation or spend time together in your backyard, there are lots of fun things you can do that keep everyone entertained.

10. Take a Cruise

If you can afford to take a family vacation, several companies offer packages tailored to the needs of families with children with special needs. For example, Autism on the Seas partners with the Royal Caribbean cruise line to provide trained staff and specialist activities and amenities to enable children with special needs to join in the fun on board.

9. Take a Caribbean Beaches Vacation

Again, if you can afford to take a family vacation, visit one of the Sandals Caribbean Beaches All-inclusive resorts that offers one-to-one support for children with special needs. Team members work with parents to adapt experiences to each child’s physical, mental or sensory needs while the whole family enjoys a relaxing summer vacation.

8. Spend the Day at the Beach

Have fun in the sand by digging or building castles, or try paddling or enjoying water sports. Some beaches have specially adapted wheelchairs or provide boarding that lets you push a wheelchair or stroller along the sand. If you live miles from the coast, don’t forget that some lakes have beaches, too. Alternatively, make your own sandbox in your backyard, and bring the sea to your kids by adding a pool.

7. Make an Art Gallery

Buy plenty of paper and water-based paints and get your family creating works of art. Enjoy the sensory experience of painting with fingers and feet, or use sweet condensed milk as an edible paint so your kids can lick their fingers clean. Display the results proudly throughout your home.

6. Visit a Petting Zoo or Farm

Let your children enjoy seeing some of their favorite storybook animals in real life. Many children really enjoy experiencing the tactile thrill of stroking or feeding the creatures if possible.

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