4 Incredibly Clever Ways Our Facebook Followers Are Raising Autism Awareness

There are thousands of ways to raise awareness and show support for those affected by autism. That is the case whether you want to raise awareness during the month of April (Autism Awareness Month) or any other time of the year (because autism doesn’t only exist in April—it exists all day, every day, each day of the year!). But it can sometimes be hard to know what to do. Are you looking for some ideas? These four brilliant ideas from some of our talented Facebook followers are sure to get your creative juices flowing.

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4. Key chains for Caregivers


Aren’t these keychains simply adorable?! I think I’m going to need one to add to my growing ring of keys!

3. Promoting Awareness with Peeps!


No matter where you stand on the Peep debate (whether you think they’re an amazing Easter treat or you think they’re gross), I think we can all agree that this is an adorable and clever way to raise autism awareness!

2. Puzzle Piece Pipe Bowls


Wow! What a beautiful and creative way to repurpose old pipes!

1. Knitting to Raise Awareness



This blanket is incredible. I can only imagine how much time, patience, and dedication it took to make!

A huge thank you to all of our followers who are helping us raise autism awareness! You guys rock!

Do you want to raise awareness but aren’t much of a crafty type?

No worries! There are a lot of amazing and practical things you can do to support people on the spectrum. Click the “next” button to learn more!

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