A Couple with Down Syndrome Shares Their Secret About Living Life Without Limits

The internet is filled with stories about people living life despite unfortunate circumstances. Inspirational life stories shared in interviews have sparked hope in people and provided them with enough motivation to keep going. One of those stories is about a couple from Puerto Rico. The couple both have down syndrome, but they did not let their condition stop them from experiencing life. In a special interview with CBS Mornings, Chris Gonzales and Sophia Jirau happily revealed how to enjoy life without limits.

Photo: Youtube/CBS Mornings

Chris and Sophia are not just unique because of their medical condition but because they exceeded expectations. They live on an island called Isla del Encanto, the Island of Enchantment. The couple is well-known on the island and has been promoting their campaign to inspire many people. Sin Limites is the name of the campaign, which translates to Without Limits. Even their campaign name is empowering and proves that the couple is unstoppable. They continue to inspire the people of their island — teaching everyone how to dream and aim for their goals.

Photo: Youtube/CBS Mornings

They are also both achievers regarding their personal lives — both were able to fulfill individual goals. CBS Mornings also gathered information from the couple’s close family and friends. Chris’s mother shared that her son was the first person with down syndrome approved for a driver’s license in Puerto Rico. He also has a passion for cooking, leading him to his own food truck. With these achievements, Chris’s loved ones couldn’t help but be proud of him. His father shared in the interview that Chris inspires them to become better people. The 25-year-old continues to amaze his family with his persistence in life.

Photo: Youtube/CBS Mornings

During the interview, it was also revealed that Chris is a barista with his own coffee brand. He just keeps on winning in life — getting to do what he loves and mastering those skills. It’s great that Chris is surrounded by supportive people who are genuinely happy for him. His girlfriend, Sophia, is a part of his support group and an achiever herself. Amazingly, Sophia is the first Victoria’s Secret model with down syndrome. The couple just keeps getting the title of “first” — they just keep succeeding. Aside from becoming a Victoria’s Secret model, a dream for some women, she had the opportunity to grace the catwalk at New York Fashion Week.

Due to her success in the fashion industry, cosmetic brands have also knocked on her door. She has a contract with L’Oréal, but she is also planning to build her own fashion line. Her mother, Mimi, is incredibly supportive of her daughter’s endeavors. Mimi exclaimed in the interview that her daughter is a blessing and a huge source of joy to the people around her. The model and entrepreneur are an unstoppable force of success — striving harder than ever as they lead the life that once was just a dream.

Photo: Youtube/CBS Mornings

Sophia and Chris are undeniably a match made in heaven. Both have the strength to carry on and be persistent no matter what comes their way. They continue to inspire and motivate one another even though they live two hours apart. It’s also advantageous that they share the same lifestyle — improving themselves whenever the opportunity arises. Watch the interview below from CBS Mornings to learn more about the power couple of Isla del Encanto. Prepare to be surprised; you’ll need tissues after watching their awe-inspiring story.

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